• Magic Spray Moper
  • Magic Spray Moper
  • Magic Spray Moper
  • Magic Spray Moper
  • Magic Spray Moper
  • Magic Spray Moper
  • Magic Spray Moper
  • Magic Spray Moper
  • Magic Spray Moper
  • Magic Spray Moper

Magic Spray Moper

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Now mopping has become a toy!
Hydra Mop™- Limited Edition – Infinity Basket India
Floor Spray Mop | Spray mops, Window cleaner, Spray


  • Necessary to Disinfect your home on a regular basis.
  • Washable pads help in maintaining hygiene.
  • Saves a lot of time & effort.
  • Perfect for all ages.
  • No more backaches.
  • Suitable for use on any flooring, whether you’ve got ceramic, vinyl or even MAGIC SPRAY MOP – The GurfSupply The gift spray spray water mopping the flat floor of the flat floor  with a lazy mop mop.-


  • Unscrew cap and fill with water.
  • Add the liquid disinfectant.
  • Turn the bottle upside down and press down firmly to snap into place.
  • Pump trigger a few times for the spray to come through.
  • Remove washable microfibre pad.

Wipe easily, quickly, and environmentally with Magic Spray Mop!

Just add water to the 300ml tank and spray with the push of a single button!

Magic Spray Mop with a microfiber cloth will complete your mopping with a single movement leaving the floor dry and clean!


No More Lifting Heavy Water Filled Buckets For You!

Compared with regular mops, our 360 Degree Disinfectant Spray Mop offers a deep clean with a fresh scent and get deep down into the grout and crevices while leaving a fresh, clean scent while you mop.
It has a 360-degree swivel for difficult corners and a detachable head for easy storage.
Removable and Washable Microfiber Cleaning Pad – Can Be Easily Removed and Washed When Dirty. Long Handle for Good Posture While Cleaning.
Integrated Spray Mechanism Allows You to Simply Push a Lever On The Handle and Spray a Mist of Water on the Floor for Wet Cleaning. No Need for Water Bucket

Protect All Types Of Floors

Heavy, low-quality mops can badly scratch or damage your floors! This microfiber spray mop is ideal for hardwood, wood, laminate, concrete, ceramic, vinyl, and tile floors alike!

In addition, you can use it both as a dry duster and as a wet mop.


The 360-degree swivel head is a perfect mop to easy and quickly clean the dirt at each corner of your home.
One microfiber pad thoroughly cleans multiple spaces up to 1000 square feet.
Emits even mists for mopping simply by a light squeeze of the trigger.
The strong aluminum design makes it durable and ultra-light.
It works 2x faster than regular mops.
The spray covers the full width of the mop head, and the spray mist provides just enough moisture to clean your floors without damaging wood floors.

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